Authentic flavours...

Garlic, lemon, fresh herbs, tomatoes and mozzarella are a must in my cuisine.

My style is plain and rich in flavors, I like using fresh ingredients with total respect for the raw material. My recipes, made up with 3/4 ingredients maximum, are basically Mediterranean but I like mixing them with Lebanese and British cuisine. I like cooking on bbq, robata, and charcoal. 

Francesco Bugiada is my name and I am a  private chef based in London but ready to travel everywhere any time. I was born in Sicily where I started training very early to become a chef. I have worked in London, Beverly Hills, Aspen and Beirut. I love discovering new places, cooking for anyone in different locations. I can cook at your house, your villa, yacht and I am ready to follow you everywhere you need me to. I am available any time upon reservation.